Home Viewing Tips

How to view a property

When searching for the perfect property for purchase, you’ll want to have a good mental picture regarding furniture layout and décor before committing. To help prepare you for this process, we’ve compiled some Property Viewing Advice. By keeping these things in mind while viewing a property, you’ll be able to make better decisions and faster choices regarding whether or not you can see yourself living there, and how living in the property would look once you have moved all of your furniture in.

Probably the most important aspect of our viewing advice involves bringing a camera to take pictures of each room. Once you have these photos, you can go back home and consider all of the various decoration concepts, assess whether or not there’s enough storage space, and of course, discuss the ups and downs of the property without the agent or owners in the room.

Once you have reviewed the pictures of the living spaces, consider everything else associated with the estate. Check and double-check all of the various aspects of the propety, roof, appliances, etc. if you feel you have missed something on the walk-through, you could always have one of our surveying experts visit the location and give you all of the necessary information.

After taking physical and mental pictures of the property, it’s time to look into the various taxes and bills associated with owning the property. Does the property require quite a bit of power to heat? These important details could be a deal breaker when it comes to affording the location. This step is often overlooked and is one of the more important property viewing tips.

Learning everything you can about a location can help you make an educated assessment of the property as a whole. Find out about schools and local services.  The site Up My Street is a good resouce to find out about the facilities in an area. The following sites will also help you to find out about an area:House drawing and tape measure

The location you’re viewing could be the home you choose raise your family, so take your time when doing your walkthroughs; as a result you’ll need fewer of them and be able to make your decision in far less time. Should any questions arise, simply ask the estate agent. After all, at Farrell Heyworth, helping you make informed property decisions is our job, and we take it very seriously.