Buy to Let

Farrell Heyworth employs specialists who maintain their expertise by staying on top of changes in the industry and continuing to learn about concepts impacting the housing arena. A growing trend that we’ve seen recently is the buy-to-let mortgage. This trend always seems to turn upward in certain economic periods as many seize the opportunity to buy property solely for the purpose of letting. In the current market buy-to-let purchasers can get incredible deals and returns on property investments, especially those buying at auction.

Buy-to-let mortgage rates can be beneficial for those that are in the market for property during downturns, so let our expertise offer you the buy-to-let advice you need. With more than 20 years servicing the North West region, we understand this area of the market better than anyone and can help you with all of your property acquisition goals.

Feet up with Farrell Heyworth property managementOur 20 offices across the region ensure that we have a local agency in the area you are considering acquiring property. By keeping agents within specified neighbourhoods, we can maintain our finger on the pulse of the housing market regardless of how it may differ from region to region. Any questions you have about any rental scenario will be answered quickly, thoroughly, and of course, truthfully, so if you’re considering buy-to-let, utilise the expertise that’s made Farrell Heyworth one of the most trusted estate management and acquisition agencies in the UK.

After you take the time to find out how a buy to let mortgage works and purchase your property, it then becomes time to find the right tenants. We can help you in this endeavour as well. We list thousands of properties for rent, so we are a trusted facilitator to place potential renters in viewing positions for your property. We understand that any time that your home sits empty is time that you’re losing possible rental revenue, so we’ve adapted a system that cross-references with all of our branches to quickly find you renters that may be interested in the property you’re offering.

At Farrell Heyworth, your property is like our own, and we do everything in our power to place the perfect tenant with the perfect property. We consider income, area, and of course, the property owner while making all of the necessary connections. Use our services for your buy-to-let needs, and learn what has kept our organisation at the top of the housing industry.