Downsizing? Consider Property Swap

At strategic times in the market, releasing capital from your property is a great option. If you have an interest in doing so, or downsizing to a smaller property, then Farrell Heyworth’s Property Swap is exactly what you’re looking for.

Direct Home Swap

Our aim is to create a market within the market that allows you to “trade-in” your property for a smaller estate. In doing so, the amount of equity or capital from your larger property is given to you in a single sum.

Your home is obviously one of your greatest investments and our goal is to allow you to exchange or swap it for another. In doing so, you maintain the capital that you have built up and are able to set yourself up with a lower cost property moving forward. This “chain” design makes it possible to purchase homes at a rate that gradually moves you up the estate ladder. Ultimately, it can be a key cog in the acquisition of your dream home.

Farrell Heyworth has explored this concept for years and after plenty of research and system design, we believe that we have it perfected. The house exchange, or house swap, isn’t just for those that want to get a smaller or larger property. In many cases, a simple change is needed, which is why two clients will have an interest in similarly priced properties owned by the other. In this case, they’ll simply make a “flat exchange” with any excess capital being paid to the partner with the higher property value. This situation has led to many getting their ideal property without hassle or extensive haggling.

There are two types of property swap:

  • the one-for-one Swap, where just two vendors are interested in each other's property.
  • the chain swap, shown in the image below, is more usual. A chain a swap occurs where the vendor at the top of the chain purchases property from the vendor at the bottom of a chain. This allows the vendor at the bottom of the chain to purchase their desired property, and so on, until your property is also sold. This also releases the spare equity in your property.

What makes Farrell Heyworth’s Property Swap work? The secret is in our client base. This type of system will only succeed if an agency has thousands of properties in its listings at any given time. You are able to search through the various listings, find something that’s to your liking, and begin discussing a swap. If you’re looking to get into something smaller because the kids have finally moved out, then you’ll get all of the capital that you’ve built up throughout your ownership period and get the perfect location for your new home.

When it comes to downsizing, Farrell Heyworth is the place to look. We strive to offer the best customer service and give the best information available. Market volatility is much easier to navigate when you have experts that are on your side. We always take great care in valuing property, and once transactions are completed, all parties are satisfied. It’s the reason that we’ve been in business for over 20 years, and have plans to be around for a long, long time. 

Farrell Heyworth Property Swap is a simple idea to enable your dream move. For further details, or to join our Property Swap programme, contact your local Farrell Heyworth branch.

Chain Home Swap