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We hope you, your friends and family are safe and well.

We want to you to know that temporarily we are not carrying out attended property valuations or viewings on any of our properties.

Anyone interested in a property must contact their local branch & should not attempt to view a property directly.

All our decisions are designed to put the health and safety of our customers and employees first.

Because we know that selling and buying homes remains important to you, we will shortly be offering virtual valuations and viewings.

Farrell Heyworth: A short history

The history of Farrell Heyworth plays an important role in exhibiting the company’s expertise in the estate market-place. Since being established in 1991, the organisation has showcased their incredible ability to exceed market expectations regardless of variances. When the company was created, the property market in the UK was quite tumultuous, but with offices in Lancaster and Morecambe, we managed to flourish by utilising valuation expertise and exceptional customer service. From that point, Farrell Heyworth grew to become a premier estate agent and began building their reputation in buying, letting, renting, and conveyancing properties across the region.
After expansion across the North West, the agency began helping prospective buyers with mortgages and auctions whenever necessary. With solid leadership and a motivated team, the company gained the recognition of the industry and continued their forward-thinking approach to estate market administration.
When the Relocation Agent Network, UK’s largest estate organisation, gave the company the “Best Independent Estate Agency” award in 1996, it was apparent that there would be no slowing this now seasoned estate agency. Further, surveying property and international markets entered the picture, and Farrell Heyworth became a name synonymous with pushing the industry to places not usually seen by estate agencies. Presently, the firm maintains a workforce of over 300 individuals and continues to help residential estate owners with valuation, surveys, and sale advice.
Farrell Heyworth HistoryExpansion is part of the long-term goal at Farrell Heyworth, and each new neighbourhood we enter is a new opportunity to create lasting relationships with the community. The agency network that once started with only a couple of offices now reaches into Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and the Furness Peninsula. The agency continues to bolster its ranks with driven individuals that are experts in their given fields. In the end, the ultimate goal is to offer up estate services to our clients and answer any questions or concerns they may have regarding the property market.
By taking Farrell Heyworth’s history into account, one can get a better idea of where the company is headed. With top-notch directors and an expert staff, the network continues to grow. If you’re looking to let, sell, purchase, or value your property, there’s an expert on the payroll that can help you get the answers you seek. After all, the firm isn’t meeting our company goals if we aren’t meeting client needs.
Through 20 years of community service, the estate agency has delivered on every promise every step of the way. With experts in every avenue associated with property assessment and purchase, there’s little to worry about when trusting your estate to Farrell Heyworth. After all, all of the proof is in the proverbial pudding, and the track record speaks for itself.