Back to school - here's how to get your home sale-ready for September

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September 08, 2022

September is a great time to sell a home for a variety of reasons. Typically, during this time of the year, families are eager to settle in ahead of the new school term and are willing to pay a good sum of money to do so.

Sellers who make their home sale-ready can make use of the usual boom in activity after summer when people want to settle into the home of their dreams.

With September officially here, we at Farrell Heyworth use our expertise to reveal exactly how to get any home sales-ready for back-to-school season.


Home in on the catchment area 

Family homes are sought after at the start of the new school term, so it is no surprise that homes close to good schools often receive high values.

According to recent research by Santander, one in four parents of school-aged children rent or buy a home in a particular area to boost their chances of getting selected at the school of their choice.

With many school admission deadlines in February next year, settling in the catchment area ahead of the new school year is the goal for many. 

Catchment areas can truly make or break a student’s chances of getting into a school, therefore being upfront about this could attract families to the property. Those living outside of catchment areas are less likely to be chosen while those who do are in for a higher chance of securing a place.

Sellers are encouraged to share nearby amenities or green spaces as part of the sale, so why not improve your home’s appeal to families by sharing the list of nearby schools? During a property visit or even in the marketing advert, the mention of schools nearby or it being a catchment area of a specific school could sell the property to a family.

Not all schools have a catchment area, but instead offer pupils a place depending on the distance that the child is from the school. As long as this is commutable or suits the school's guidelines, they can get accepted.

Make it family-friendly 

Sales tend to speed up in September because the market gets flooded with proactive buyers who want to move in right away.

Before inviting potential buyers into the home or posting any snaps of the property on an estate agency website or the portals, make sure the home looks and feels the part.

September is not only the start of the new school term, but it is also the start of autumn - the season that is associated with colder weather and more time spent indoors.

Taking the time to spruce up indoor features and rooms can make a difference before putting it on the market. 

A home that is properly sealed, has been decluttered, and has a fresh lick of paint is more likely to capture the attention of potential buyers than a property that lacks these details. 

First impressions are everything, so we advise that sellers do what they can to make it easy for families and other type of buyers to visualise themselves living in the property. 

Make use of what the season has to offer

Sellers who make use of what the back-to-school season has to offer can put themselves in a great position to secure good buyers.

September is a month that is full of opportunities for those hoping to sell up for a good price. Limited supply and strong demand are keeping house prices high, meaning property values are likely to continue to be on the rise.

The days in autumn are typically longer and brighter than winter, which gives sellers plenty of time to take eye-catching photographs in natural light.

September also marks the end of the busy summer holidays and gives homeowners more free time to look for properties that are on the market.

A good local estate agent will have thorough knowledge about how to boost the value of your home and how much your home could be worth on the current market.

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