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Laura Gittins
21/05/2020 15:46
Farrell Heyworth Covid 19- Response: Buying a property
Farrell Heyworth Covid 19- Response: Buying a property
We are delighted that the property industry has been given the green light by the Housing Minister to recommence activity. However, we realise that we also have a social responsibility beyond that of being your local estate agent and recognise that as a prospective purchaser you will have concerns given the current situation with COVID-19.
We want to reassure you that the team at Farrell Heyworth will be following the Government’s health and safety guidelines to keep our staff and customers safe and to provide a tailored response to the Covid-19 situation. If you’re interested in property we have for sale, or may be in the future, here’s an overview of our plan for keeping you safe and providing you with the very best service.
Virtual viewings
In the first instance we will be marketing all properties via our virtual viewing process. You may have already seen a short video on our website or Rightmove that introduces you to the property and invites you to find out more.
To view the full property viewing we are asking all potential buyers to contact our branch team who will register your interest and provide you with unique access to the virtual viewing. This can then be accessed at any time convenient to yourself, as many times as you wish.  To find out more about our virtual viewing process click here.
Physical viewings
Further to government guidance, we will not be offering physical property viewings of any property where the property owner or visitor or any member of the household is over 65 years of age or is in a vulnerable category as defined by government guidelines. In this instance a property can only be viewed virtually.
If that is not the case we can now offer physical viewings and you can find out more about how they will be conducted with your safety in mind here.
The buying process
We are reopening our branch services through seven area branches, staffed by members of the FH team and supported by home working members of the team. We ask at this time for your patience as we do this and adapt and introduce work arounds to our normal exceptional customer service so as to adhere to the safety guidelines.
We’re also encouraging all customers to register with our My FH portal which will give them access to the most up to date information; remotely and at their convenience. Register today here.