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Laura Gittins
21/01/2021 09:40
Our week by week plan to get you on the move
We all know that moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful things a person can do. Many of our clients ask us for our best hints and tips when it’s time to get packing. So, in the spirit of making the whole process as stress free as possible for as many people as possible we’ve compiled this step by step plan to help you get moving.

6 weeks before the big day


Time to think about packing!

If you have the budget we would suggest hiring a professional removal company as soon as you have a date for the move.   It makes sense to put your worldly possessions in the hands of experts. Any member of the British Association of Removers will have specialist insurance cover in case of any losses or breakages.

You may not want to move all of your boxes to your new property. In this case you could arrange storage for your items, we’d suggest Evans Easy Space.

Regular movers know that, for the time it saves and peace of mind it affords, it’s well worth paying the extra to have your removal firm pack for you.  However, if you do pack yourself, take a tip from the professionals and mark packing cases clearly with the room they belong in and attach a general list of contents to each one. For packing materials, try Big Brown Box online. It is a good idea to start packing at this early stage and do a little each night.

Check parking arrangements.  The last thing you want on removal day is a parking ticket.  If your new home has on street parking, make sure you apply for a residents parking permit in advance, or else have change handy for meters.  Make sure your removal firm know of any restrictions and, if nearby parking space is at a premium, try contacting the local police station as they may be able to arrange for parking cones to be placed outside.


Four weeks before you move


Sort out the house before you leave it. 

Organise your mail, banks and utilities. Use a free, online change of address service, like I Am Moving, to make sure that everyone who needs to know has your new details and pick up a few other moving tips on the way.

Get your mail sorted, and help to prevent yourself becoming a victim of identity fraud, by using the Royal Mail redirection service.  Available for one, three, six or twelve months, it takes a minimum of five working days to set up and can be arranged online.

Contact utility companies, phone, broadband and TV service providers in advance of your move for advice on transfers, meter readings etc. Do allow sufficient notice: BT requires at least 14 days warning that an existing phone line is to be closed down and five days to ensure your new address is equipped with working phone and broadband. Click here for a list of providers.

Make advance checks on heating, lighting, alarm system and cooking and washing facilities to ensure they're connected and in working order.  It's a good idea to have the boiler serviced by a CORGI engineer too. We recommend British Gas. Also arrange for someone to disconnect your plumbing if you are not confident (remember to do your laundry first, house moving can be dusty).

Contact government agencies that need to know about your move, for example, the DVLA, the Inland Revenue and the relevant Council Tax authority. Inform your insurance company and your pension company of the change of address. Finally, do not forget to tell your doctor, optician and your dentist.

Also, take account of any repairs that may need early attention and make arrangements for them to be dealt with.  The survey report included in your home buyer pack will have information on any major works needed to the property; for added peace of mind, particularly if your new home is old, very large, or of an unusual construction, it's advisable to consider having an additional, more detailed survey carried out before you commit to buy.  Always choose qualified members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), like Farrell Heyworth Surveyors, locally based professionals who can be commissioned to carry out valuations, home buyer surveys and full building surveys.

Once you have the survey we recommend the following partners who can deal with the survey recommendation anywhere within the Farrell Heyworth region:
Alternatively, you may wish to find a smaller local supplier at Rated People, UK Business Directory or at

On the day


Start early and be organised

  • It may sound obvious, but take care to carry with you your personal items and things you'll need on the day.  It's also a good idea to pack a bag of overnight essentials. 
  • Carry refreshments and drinks making supplies – moving home is a long, thirsty business.  And don't even think about cooking, have a takeaway supper instead.
  • Take spare light bulbs just in case.  Some movers prefer to have locks changed for added security - whatever your personal choice, keep the number of a locksmith by you during the removal in case of any problems.   
  • Make a clean sweep.  Not everyone leaves their property spick and span when they move out, so be prepared to get your rubber gloves on to clean two homes.  Have cleaning materials to hand or, better still, give yourself a break and employ professional cleaners for a one off spring clean.
  • It is sometimes better to leave the children with relatives or child care professionals, at least for a few hours; it's so much easier to keep on top of the removal if you don't have to keep an eye on the kids as well.  That goes for pets too!
  • If something goes wrong while you are moving in, keep the details of HomeServe up your sleave.

One week after the move


You have now unpacked and have found small jobs that need addressing

Everyone finds small niggles when they move into a new home. Have them addressed as soon as you can so that you can relax into your new home. We recommend the following partners who can deal with these niggles and they will operate anywhere within the Farrell Heyworth region: Alternatively, you may wish to find a smaller local supplier at Rated People or at
While work is carried out, if you need to arrange storage for your items then we suggest Evans EasySpace.

Phew – now the hard work is done and you can relax. We recommend a glass of something bubbly while you sit back in your fabulous new home and make plans for the future. Enjoy!