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Laura Gittins
14/08/2020 16:42
A south-facing garden could bag sellers in the North West an extra £31,000
It's well-known that properties with south-facing gardens are extremely popular with buyers due to the additional sunlight they benefit from.
Properties with gardens facing south provide owners with more opportunities to sit outside in the sun and grow plants successfully, a strength that has long made them more appealing than properties with gardens facing other directions.
And now new research from Rightmove shows just how much extra property sellers could add to their asking price just by having a south-facing garden.
Across the UK, homes listed as having a south-facing garden are priced at £22,695 higher on average than those without, equivalent to a national asking price premium of 7%.
As home movers come to terms with the impact of lockdown, the appeal of gardens - whether south-facing or not - is stronger than ever.
With this in mind, it's important for sellers to maximise any garden or outdoor space they have as it's likely to be high on the list of priorities for prospective buyers.
How much more valuable is a property with a south-facing garden?
Rightmove research suggests that three and four-bedroom properties in the North West with a south-facing garden have an average asking price of £303,593.
In comparison, those without have a typical asking price of £271,895 - a difference of £31,698 which is equivalent to a price premium of 12%.
Therefore, if you do have a south-facing garden, it's vital that it forms an integral part of your marketing strategy with high-quality images and descriptions.
The study also shows that the average time to find a buyer in the North West (from first being marketed until under offer or sold subject to contract) is 48 days.
The figure remains the same whether you have a south-facing garden or not, but if you prepare your garden accordingly and market it effectively, your chances of selling quickly and for the best possible price will certainly increase.
What if you don't have a south-facing garden?
If your garden or outdoor space is not south-facing, there is no need to worry. Gardens have always been a popular feature with prospective buyers - especially in the summer months - and the impact of Covid-19 means more people are prioritising outdoor space than ever before.
Rightmove reports that the number of prospective buyers searching for homes with a garden increased by over 100% between June 2019 and June 2020.
Meanwhile, its survey of over 4,000 home movers revealed that 63% of buyers are now looking for a bigger garden or access to one due to the impact of lockdown.
Some 15% of movers admitted to gardening more during lockdown, while 82% said they planned to continue doing so now government measures are slowly easing.
Separate research from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) revealed that 81% of property professionals believe that there will be a rising demand for properties with gardens or balconies post-Covid-19.
How can you prepare your garden for a property sale?
As well as making your garden a central part of your marketing campaign, you also need to make sure it is in tip-top condition for virtual and in-person viewings.
You can do this by carrying out a range of basic tasks such as de-weeding, tidying garden waste, cleaning patio areas, sprucing up garden furniture, potting plants and mowing the lawn.
Making the most of your outdoor space's standout features, whether it is a BBQ area, pond, water feature or decking - is an absolute must during viewings.
You may also want to hire in the help of the professionals if you're not a confident gardener or it is in need of some serious attention.
Alternatively, you might consider a complete overhaul of your garden space to be carried out by a landscape gardener. This may cost you more, but could help to add even more to your asking price or help you to sell quicker.
With now a great time to sell thanks to the market boost provided by the stamp duty holiday, it's important that your garden is sale-ready during the peak summer selling season.
For more information on how to get your garden in tip-top shape or how to make it the focal point of your marketing campaign, you can get in touch with us today.
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