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Laura Gittins
29/01/2021 16:45
Revealed - Top Resolutions for North West property sellers
For many of us, a new year is a time for a fresh start and setting goals for the 12 months ahead. Of course, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are living in challenging times and the start of 2021 is very different to recent years.
However, despite a third national lockdown being called by the government on January 4, the housing market remains open for business. Therefore, if you're currently selling your home or thinking of entering the market at some point this year, you can carry on as before on the quest to achieve your moving goals.
With this in mind, here at Farrell Heyworth, we have come up with five New Year's resolutions for property sellers which could help you to improve your chances of selling quickly and for the best possible price this January.
1. Review your photography
These days, pretty much all buyers start their property search online. Therefore, properties listed online with the best photography will stand out from the crowd.
Due to the pandemic, the government is still advising that virtual viewings are carried out as a first port of call, which means your property's visuals need to be up to scratch now more than ever.
Research by FocalAgent shows that properties marketed with professional photographs sell 24 days quicker on average and achieve a 2% higher asking price.
If your photos are boring, unprofessional and uninspiring, prospective buyers will click past your listing and your chances of securing virtual and in-person viewings will be vastly reduced.
For sellers whose homes have been on the market for a long period of time, refreshing the visuals used to promote the property listing can have a significant impact on generating fresh interest.
We include professional images taken by our in-house photographers as part of our Standard Marketing package to make sure our sellers' properties stand out from the get-go.
2. Utilise social media
Property portals, your estate agent's website and their database will represent your principal marketing channels and will provide many of the prospective buyers who are interested in your property.
However, it is becoming increasingly important to promote properties on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
By pushing your property out to a new audience on social media, you could attract fresh interest and confirm more viewings and offers.
The most eager and serious prospective buyers will follow the best local estate agents on social media so they can get ahead of the competition by finding new listings with snappy text and high-quality images.
That's why our Social Media Sneak Peeks service helps to promote your property to the widest audience of buyers from the moment you decide to sell with us.
3. Carefully consider your asking price
When selling a property, setting the right asking price is one of the most important decisions you'll make.
It is therefore crucial that you work with an experienced local estate agent to help you arrive at the right figure.
The best agents will ensure your asking price meets the expectations of prospective buyers and reflects activity in the hyperlocal and national housing markets.
It's important to consider recently sold similar homes, as well as those currently on the market to make sure your asking price is not too high, nor too low.
If your asking price is not set at the right level from the outset of your sale, you could struggle to attract interest and organise viewings, leaving your property on the market longer than you anticipated.
Whether you are already on the market or about to put your home up for sale, carefully considering your asking price will help you to make a positive start to 2021.
4. Arrange other parts of your move now
If you're also buying a property, your sale can be a speedier process if you organise important parts of your move such as your mortgage and conveyancing ahead of time.
For example, here at Farrell Heyworth we work with Mortgage Advice Bureau to provide mortgage advice to our clients. Our team of advisers can help you to arrange your mortgage finance and get the best deal.
Meanwhile, when you are at the stage of offers being accepted for both the property you are selling and the property you are buying, you will need to instruct a conveyancer to carry out the legal exchanges of ownership.
Conveyancing can be complex and frustrating, so it pays to work with legal representatives who are able to take the hassle out of the process for you.
You can get a quote for our transparent no move, no legal fee conveyancing service here.

5. Make sure you're selling with a proactive agent
Despite the pandemic, the property market is still performing strongly this year. And with the stamp duty holiday in place until the end of March, demand from prospective buyers remains higher than usual.
Consequently, competition from other sellers is fierce so you need to make sure you partner with a proactive estate agency which has the processes in place to get your home sold quickly and efficiently.
If you’ve been on the market for a while and you are not getting the results you anticipated, switching agent could be the key to getting your home sold so you can take the next step on your property journey.
So, there we have it. Put some of the above ideas into practice and you could considerably improve your property selling prospects in the early stages of this year. If you require further information on a selling strategy or any part of the moving process, get in contact with our expert team today.
Here at Farrell Heyworth, we are doing all we can to help our customers navigate moving home under Covid-19 restrictions safely. You can read more about our safe and responsible service here.

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