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1.    If You’re Under 30 You’ll Never Be Able To Buy Your Own Home.

This myth is top of our hit list! The government have introduced a multitude of different help to buy schemes in recent years, including the new help to buy ISA.

In fact if you choose to save for a deposit this way the chancellor has pledged to help out by contributing an additional £50 for every £200 you save. Add cheaper mortgages to the mix and it’s easy to see why there were 22% more first time buyers in 2014 than the previous year.

2.    Buying Property is Really Confusing

Actually it doesn’t have to be. Just pop into one of our branches explain you’re a first time buyer and our brilliant staff can help you find out everything you need to know. Simples.

3.    No One Is Buying Houses Ahead Of The Election

To be honest most property experts were expecting the market to slow down in the face of the election. But results published this month (April) by Rightmove suggest that, if anything, prices have gone up and there aren’t enough houses on the market for people looking to buy. This means if you’re serious about buying you need to start looking now.

4.    Finding The Right Property Is Hard Work

Looking in the newspaper and trawling around the High Street every weekend are still valid and useful ways to find property. But they aren’t the only tricks we have up our Estate Agent sleeves anymore. Love social media? We do too, use it to help you find property by letting awesome properties come to you. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. No pictures of cute cats though, sorry.

5.    Don’t Buy A First House That Needs Renovation

If you don’t have much money left over once you’ve paid for the property and DIY is really not your thing then we wouldn’t suggest buying a major fixer upper. But lots of houses that seem to be in disrepair simply need a little TLC. So once you’re in, all you need is a few mates, decorating supplies and you’ve got yourself a painting party.

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