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It’s very frustrating and sometimes costly for landlords at the end of a tenancy to find that their property has been left unclean, untidy and sometimes in a state of financial disrepair.  But our lettings departments have increasing found that some of this cost and upset could be avoided by setting the ground rules for tenants at the beginning of their tenancy:
Inspect your property at the end of each tenancy. This way any damage caused by previous tenants can’t be laid at your new tenant’s door. Literally.
Make sure your property really is clean when your tenant moves in. 
Take photographs of your property before the tenant moves in – share these with the tenant and make sure they know that this is the benchmark for the level of cleanliness you expect your property to be in at the end of the tenancy.
Respond to tenant’s maintenance requests as soon as you can. Tenants will be more likely to respect your property if they know you do too.


It can be a shock to find out on leaving a property that you have a huge cleaning bill to pay. Some tenants don’t realise but it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is kept to a good standard of cleanliness throughout your tenancy. If you don’t you may find yourself in receipt of a bill for professional cleaners when you leave. Here’s how to avoid that:
If your landlord hasn’t taken any photographs at the start of your tenancy and you find some problems take your own snaps. Share these with your landlord as soon as possible.
Note the level of cleanliness at the start of your tenancy, this is how your property should be left when you leave.
With busy modern lives it can be tricky to keep on top of the cleaning. Plan to do one job every day, even if it’s just sweeping the kitchen floor or wiping out the fridge. If you stick to your plan you won’t have a mammoth amount of cleaning to do at the end of your tenancy.
When cleaning ready to leave pay particular attention to kitchen appliances like fridges and ovens, these should be in a good state of cleanliness for use by the next tenant. Landlords do look inside!
The property rental process needn’t be stressful or costly for either party. Like most things in life great communication is the key to success. Landlords: tell your tenants what you expect and do your bit to keep your property in good repair. Tenants: Keep on top of the cleaning on a daily basis and leave your property as you found it when it’s time to move out. 
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