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We've discovered some of our clients have an alter ego: The Super Seller. Their homes seem to sell faster and their sales progress more smoothly.These people aren't lucky, they're all doing the same 6 simple things to help them to promote their properties.We've uncovreed what they are, want to now their secrets? Follow these 6 simple behaviours and you could be one of our Super Sellers too.

1.       Super sellers ALWAYS present their home looking its best.

Super sellers homes are always clean. For EVERY viewing. I don’t know how they do it! But it makes a huge difference. Many purchasers cannot see past an untidy interior and will be instantly turned off the property. Super sellers make their homes feel welcoming and it isn’t long before they entice someone who chooses to stay forever.

2.       Super sellers get involved.

Communication with your Estate Agent is key. The faster we can get in touch with you to arrange a valuation, let you know about an offer etc. the better. The same applies for you wanting to get in touch with us, which is why we currently offer, at the last count, 5 different ways for you to get in touch with us.

Conveyancers need documents signing? Do it ASAP. Mortgage need chasing? Get in touch with your advisor and ask them to chase it. Not sure what you can do about the thing those last viewers didn’t like about your property? Ask us.

3.       Super sellers think differently.

Many of our sellers are happy to sign up their property, step back and let us do our magic. We’re very happy to do this too, but we’ve noticed that a select group of our super sellers like to think outside the box. They do things like sharing their property listing on social media from our pages and then asking friends and family to do it too.

4.       Super sellers think about the big picture.

Most sellers list their property at a higher price than the one they would eventually accept. This is to give you some negotiation room. After all a quicker sale could help you maintain a property chain, capitalise on a great mortgage deal and save on existing mortgage payments. It pays to be flexible.

5.       Super sellers check out the competition

Look at other properties which are similar to your own. Your house is likely to be compared against these and super sellers make sure their home comes out on top. Complete those minor repairs you’ve been planning, freshen up the paintwork and get the garden in shape.

6.       Super sellers pay attention to the details

I know, I know the smell of bread enticing purchasers is the oldest cliché in the Estate Agents book. The thing is, it works. Potential purchasers love those little special details. It’s the same sales psychology used every day by luxury brands to sell unremarkable products for big prices.

Try staging your home using fresh flowers, throws and mood lighting. Not sure how? Check out our Pinterest board here to see how the pros do it.

Are you a super seller? Why not share your advice in the comments? 

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