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When presenting your home for sale it’s important to ensure potential buyers see the property in its best light. Short of an expensive overhaul, e.g new kitchen, bathroom etc. some light decorating can go a long way towards persuading potential buyers that your property could be the one they’re looking for.

But decorating can be expensive too. So what should you do if you’re simply looking to give your home an inexpensive facelift? In that situation we’d recommend repainting the walls in a fresh new shade - minimal budget, minimal effort for maximum impact.

With that in mind we’ve compiled the 5 top shades we think buyers will love:

5.  Green

Why not choose a rich green for a space in your house that needs freshening up. With it’s botanical hints and light enhancing brightness, green is the perfect choice for a darker room in need of an injection of nature.

4. Blue

Blue is known to be a relaxing colour. Put prospective buyers at ease with a blue toned living room to give them the impression of a chilled out space for relaxing and socialising at home.

3. Grey

Once thought to be a harsh colour only suitable for urban spaces, grey has come into its own in recent years and is a popular choice for interior decorators. Grey compliments a huge spectrum of others colours and provides a calm background to allow striking pieces of modern furniture or art to shine.

2. Cream

Gone are the days when yellow tined magnolia was a great choice for any room. Where Magnolia can look tired as soon as it’s applied, new heritage style creams from retailers such as Farrow & Ball look smart and expensive and look great with almost any other colour.

1. White

And so we come to our top choice. If you’re looking to give your property a decorative boost simple white is the perfect choice. A smartly painted white room is, almost literally, the perfect blank canvas for someone choosing a new property. It compliments every other colour and brings light to the darkest spaces. White paint is also extremely budget friendly whilst still presenting an air of art gallery chic.

Looking for more ways to get your property ready for sale? Read our top 5 reasons why homebuyers won’t buy your home (and what you can do about them) or find out the secret to domestic bliss.

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