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Your property is your biggest asset, and no matter whether you’re content to live where you are for a long time or looking to sell it’s nice to know what it is worth. There are lots of tools available now on the internet that claim to give you a valuation of your property. But do they really?

What do those internet tools actually do?

So called internet ‘valuation’ tools are a really useful jumping off point. They use some of the facts and figures employed by a property valuer to arrive at an ‘estimated’ value of your property. For example, our tool uses an algorithm containing data from the government, surveyors and you.

But the machine doesn’t really know what people think of the area your property is in. And the tool can’t take into account the quality of the interior of your property. That’s why Estimates can leave people feeling disappointed, by a figure that’s far too low or optimistically high.

We are at pains to tell people that they are just estimates and can’t be relied upon in the absence of a valuation when it’s time to sell.


So why use an online valuation tool at all?

There are lots of reasons why, moving or not, you might want an estimate of the value of your property. Perhaps you’re thinking of selling and you want to start casually browsing for property. Perhaps you don’t know whether to invest in a new kitchen or bathroom and an estimate would help you decide. Perhaps it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and you’re just interested in how much your largest asset could be worth.

And when I am ready to sell?

Estimates are an entertaining and useful starting point. But when you’re serious about selling, nothing can replace the professionals. At this stage we’d recommend inviting an experienced local agent to come and value your property.

How is a valuation different?

Professional property valuers will take into account a number of factors when arriving at a valuation of your property, and they should explain them all to you:

·         Knowledge of the market – What are people looking for/buying? What amenities are available in the area? Are there any planned future investments? Transport links? Etc.

·         Understanding of the Sale price of similar properties – A range of criteria comes into play here. Are there any directly comparable properties nearby? Have any properties like yours sold on the street in the recent past? How available are properties like yours in the area? What condition is the property in?

·         The most experienced valuers will also know who is in the market to buy a property like yours, what they will be willing to pay and how to get in touch with them to arrange a viewing.

In fact, what’s missing from an online estimate is what makes your house a home. That feeling of walking home at night and being safe. The absolutely ‘to die for’ bathroom you installed last year. An experienced valuer will know if and what those things are worth to a buyer and include them in their valuation. It’s only after all this that a valuer can put an accurate valuation on your biggest asset. 

So an online estimate is a great place to start, but it can’t replace the knowledge and experience of a time served professional. Why not head over to our homepage here and have a look for yourself?

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