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7 tips for making the most of small spaces

We aren’t all blessed with an unlimited budget when buying or renting property. So, if your home is more hobbit than huge why not try these 7 tips to make it look and feel more spacious?

1.       Let in the light

Windows are key to making the most of a small space. Keeping window coverings simple by replacing curtains with blinds can make a big difference. Blinds typically sit inside the window casing so they physically take up less space than curtains and, when open, they allow the maximum amount of light to flood into your room. Doesn’t it feel bigger already?

2.       Get clever with storage

Make sure you maximise every nook and cranny of available space. Opt for built in bookcases. Find storage boxes to fit underneath your existing furniture and maximise your under stair space with a built in cupboard of shelving unit. Shelving placed close to the ceiling can also make use of previously unused areas and drawing the eye to the ceiling naturally gives the viewer the impression of space.

3.       If in doubt, choose white

An all-white room really makes the most of the light and makes a space look larger. And if all of your furniture follows the same colour scheme, individual items don’t stand out, making your space look less cluttered.

4.       Mirror, mirror on the wall

Using mirrors to create space is a classic decorator’s trick. A large mirror strategically placed in your room can almost double the feeling of space. The best thing about this tip is you can quickly and cheaply replicate it in every room in the house. Think you can’t have a mirror in the kitchen? Try mirrored tiles.

5.       Play with proportions

That huge sofa might look great in the shop, and maybe you could even squeeze it in, but if there’s no room for anything else in the room it will just make it look smaller than ever. Try to pick furniture that’s on a similar scale to your room. A smaller sofa can still look great and your room won’t feel so crowded.

6.       Ditch the clutter

When your space is small you need to be more conscientious than ever about throwing out the clutter to make space for the essentials. Assess your belongings according to these criteria: Have I used it in the last 12 months? Does it have real sentimental value? Does it improve my home? If the answer is no to all 3, it’s got to go.

7.       Change the layout

If you have the budget it might be worth considering changing the way the rooms are organised within your home. Perhaps there is a wall separating two smaller spaces that could be removed to create one big space. Fitting a new kitchen? Would relocating it, or moving appliances around create a better flow and maximise your use of space?
Have any of these ideas worked in your home? Do you have any space saving ideas you want to share? As always, we love to hear about your homes. Let us know in the comments section.

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