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It’s that time of year again when everyone takes some well-earned rest and enjoys a summer holiday. But empty properties provide rich pickings for burglars. Follow these steps to ensure peace of mind and ensure you have no nasty surprises to come home to.
  1.  Make sure you close and lock all doors, windows, garages and sheds. Government figures suggest that 30% of all burglaries are accessed through a window.
  2. Leaving valuables in plain sight of your windows is a great way to attract opportunistic thieves. Hide or lock away your valuables from sight.
  3. Check your alarm system is working and make sure you put it on as you leave the house. If your alarm doesn’t alert trigger an alert to call you, ask a neighbour to get in touch if it goes off.
  4. Ask a trusted person to prop round and move any obvious build-up of post etc. around the door. These are obvious clues for burglars that the occupants of a property haven’t been around for a while. (On this note: Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries too!) Leaving a car in the drive if you can gives the impression there could be someone in the property.
  5. If you have gates to the rear of your property, make sure they are locked. Burglars look for easy escape routes. Don’t give them one.
  6. Think before you post updated about your holiday on social media. Do you want everyone who can read your posts to know that your property is empty?
  7. Don’t put your home address on your outbound luggage tags. Put the address inside to ensure the safety of your luggage without telling everyone you won’t be home.
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