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It’s generally accepted that when we buy a new car or book a holiday the next smart move is to purchase the relevant insurance. So it’s reasonable to assume that when you purchase a property to rent you need to have home insurance. The truth is that as a buy-to-let landlord you are effectively operating as a business, not simply and investment, and are therefore held to a higher standard in terms of the insurance you require for your property. Specialist landlord insurance is designed to protect you and your tenant for losses that wouldn’t be incurred by your average home owner.

So what are my insurance obligations?

Property is your biggest asset when it comes to being a landlord so it makes sense to protect it. Whilst landlords are not legally obliged to have insurance your mortgage provider might make it a condition of the mortgage that you obtain cover.

What’s covered?

Building insurance will cover the external structure of the property and its permanent fixtures and fittings. This can include piping, glass and in some cases outbuildings.

Even if you are offering your property as unfurnished you will still have some contents that we would advise you to protect, such as carpets and curtains. And, as a landlord, there are other risks you face such as void periods

Can specialist landlord insurance offer me extra protection?

We would advise our landlords to look for the following specialist features for optimum cover:

Malicious Damage

As the name suggests this clause will ensure that your property and its contents are covered in the event that your property is intentionally and maliciously damaged by a tenant or their visitors.


Ensure that your insurance covers you whether your property is tenanted by professionals, students and all household types including families, sharers and single occupants.

Building Type

Ensure that whether your property is a bungalow, flat or terrace it will be covered by your policy.

Legal Liability

This ensures that landlords are protected against legal issues such as rent disputes, or for the eviction of squatters.

Public liability

This will protect protects you against injuries to third parties or damage to their property - for example if a tile where to be blown off your roof and on to another person’s car.
Home Emergency Cover

Typically, it is the landlords` responsibility to arrange for repairs to a rented property following an insured event. Home emergency cover is usually available as an optional extra with landlords' insurance and usually provides a call-out from a professional in the event of the loss of an essential service.

Accidental damage cover

Typically accidental damage cover only protects electrical items within a home, so look for extended cover to protect your contents.

Contact our specialist lettings department today for further advice about how you can protect your property, or ask for a quote from our trusted insurance provider.

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