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The original idea for this post was to write about the things you can do to increase your chance of selling your home, but that would be jumping the gun a bit. It’s no good spending a fortune on revamping your interior or thinking about ways to stage your home in its best light if you’re committing one of these property viewing sins, as chances are all your hard work and good intentions will go unnoticed.  Here are our Top 5 home seller No No’s, you can avoid today.

1.       Smells

Whether it be your faithful dog/cat or the delicious spicy meal you had last night, potential purchasers are easily put off by unpleasant smells. Even if you don’t notice anything it could still spell disaster for your viewing.
This one is easy. Grab the air freshener and get spraying. Some air fresheners claim to kill the causes of smells too, so make sure you spray onto the carpet as well as in the air to try to eliminate those vendor repelling odours for good.

2.       Untidy rooms

Buyers want to imagine themselves in your clean, cosy, easy to maintain home. Leaving the washing up in the sink is definitely going to give the wrong impression.
Clean, clean like your mother in law is coming! But seriously, have a really good clean and tidy round to make sure there is no obvious dirt or mess. Toys, pet accessories, shoes etc should, ideally, be put away. Farrell Heyworth Preston, branch manager, Stephen Mysercough has this advice, “try to create a show home environment, remember you are selling a lifestyle as much as the house, dress rooms with new bedding and accessorise in the kitchen & bathrooms.” Cleaning the inside of the oven, however, is optional.

3.       Vendors at home for viewings

Imagine yourself looking round a house. You want to have a look in that cupboard under the stairs to make sure it’s big enough for your hoover or you’ve noticed a crack in the upstairs bedroom and you want to discuss it. If you’re being shown round by the homeowner themselves this can be really tricky, and many viewers will dismiss the house rather than ask you those awkward questions or be seen to be nosey.
We would always prefer to accompany viewings of your property, in fact we currently accompany 75% of them. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, we want your home and possessions to be secure while people are viewing your house and we also want those viewing the house to feel secure too. Secondly, we really are property experts. We can answer any burning questions about your property and the local area. And lastly, viewers feel comfortable to scrutinise your property, so they can make their big decision.

We know it isn’t always possible to arrange an accompanied viewing so Stephen Myerscough has this advice, “it’s always a good idea to point out what first attracted you to the property, rather than the reasons you may be leaving – e.g ‘we bought the house because we love to BBQ and the south facing garden was perfect for sitting out in the evening’, rather than ‘we have children now and there is no storage space for all the kids toys.’”

4.       Unkempt gardens

Obviously not all homeowners are green fingered, but if you can’t face the work required to sort out that wilderness at the back of your house, chances are someone looking to buy it won’t either.


That overgrown lawn could be hiding one of your home’s most attractive selling points. Spend some time, and if it’s an option maybe some money, making your garden a pleasant place to be. And, if it really is a mammoth task you just don’t have time for, try to make sure you have mown the lawn and put away old furniture, toys etc.

5.       Tricky access to the property

If your property is inaccessible for any reason, it means that vendors will have to go to more effort to view it and that could paint your property in a negative light from the word go.


This one comes from Lancaster branch sales manager, Angela Baldwin, “it seems really obvious, but make sure it’s easy for vendors to access the property. If you have cars parked on the drive, ensure that there is plenty of room to get past.”

So the moral of the story is…. Don’t give prospective buyers a reason not to want your property. Make it easy for them to see all the great things about your property, so they can spend their viewing imagining themselves moving in, not looking for an opportunity to leave.

Maybe you’ve spotted some other common viewing problems, or you’ve tried one of these solutions and now you have a buyer. Whatever you’ve got to say, join the conversation in the comments below.

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