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There’s one aspect of a property which never fails to appeal to buyers and is often overlooked when sellers are attempting to improve their home for the market. A great garden is a huge selling point and a really special outdoor space can often be the deciding factor when it comes to making that all important offer.

To lawn or not to lawn?

Perhaps the idea of getting your lawnmower out every week during the summer months fills you with a sense of dread? Maybe your lawn is neater than the cricket pitch at Lord’s? Whatever type of gardener you are a lawn could be a smart choice for you. A patch of lawn however big or small is a real selling point for all kinds of buyer. If you have a huge expanse of lawn it could appeal to someone who’s always wanted to get their hands on a ride on lawn mower. Prefer a low maintenance approach? Look at investing in some artificial turf. This has become a real option recently as it’s become more widely available and natural in appearance. Artificial lawns also have the benefit of requiring next to no maintenance and also a softer feeling and appearance than patio flags or huge expanses of decking.

Create some outdoor ‘rooms’

To get the best use from your outdoor space it can be a good idea to create what I’m going to call rooms. Just as in your home you have a variety of spaces dedicated to different purposes your garden can benefit from being used in more specific ways too. Think about setting aside space for eating outdoors, playing, relaxing and growing. Mark out the spaces using raised bedding areas, potted plants, fencing or low hedges. Enclosing smaller spaces gives a greater sense of space overall.

What to plant?

If like me, you’re a bit of a novice and don’t really know flowers from weeds, it’s best to keep things simple. Look for perennials when choosing plants at the garden centre, as they come back year after year. To get the best value from your plants choose something you think looks attractive even when it’s not flowering, then you’ll get the benefit from it for most of the year.

Garden furniture

When choosing garden furniture it’s important to be realistic. Both about your budget and the likelihood of you properly maintaining it. Wooden garden furniture is very attractive and varies from very expensive pieces to more budget friendly items. It will need storing in the winter months to prevent it from being damaged by the elements and it requires annual treatments to keep it looking tip top. Metal garden furniture can look a little bit dated, however it comes in cheaper than almost all the other options and can withstand some of the excesses of the British weather. Again, it will last longer if stored over the winter. Rattan effect furniture is the most flexible option, it has the natural appearance of wood without the maintenance requirements. It now comes in a variety of styles to suit all gardens and while still on the pricier side should last longer with minimal effort from you.


An outdoor living space can be a real boost to a properties wow factor. But if you don’t have the budget for a fully kitted out summer house, a lick of paint and a few cushions could elevate that neglected shed to superstar status. And even if all you use it for is to store that garden furniture, cleaning the windows and tidying up the paint work will give prospective buyers some inspiration about how they could use it themselves.

Something special

If you really want to make a feature of your garden, and you have the space and budget to do it, why not add a special touch that will appeal to the kind of home buyer you’ll be marketing to? Looking to sell a bungalow to retirees? Raised borders are a great option when mobility is a consideration. Family home? Add a swing set or, if you’re feeling ambitious, try a raised banking with an integrated slide. Chic little city pad? How about a fire pit?

Hopefully these ideas will help you to turn your garden into a great outdoor space that really appeals to buyers.

If you have some great gardening ideas why not share them in the comments? Or join us over at our Gorgeous Gardens Board on Pinterest where we’ve collected some gorgeous images of gardens to show you what these tips look like in practice. https://uk.pinterest.com/farrellheyworth/gorgeous-gardens/

Susan Chiappinelli
Thanks so much for the suggestions, I really like the idea of splitting the garden into more defined areas and will try to put some of your thoughts into practice!
28/05/2015 21:50:24

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