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Buy-to-let is one of the fastest growing areas of the UK property market. With a quarter of all existing landlords planning to increase their portfolio in 2015 is it time to find out if buy-to-let could be the right investment for you?
With interest rates at an almost all time low mortgages, even those for buy-to-let which tend to rely on lower deposits and have higher repayments, are more affordable than ever. This means that if you purchase the right property at the right price you can expect returns on your capital that simply can’t be matched by any current bank or building society saving scheme.
Of course, any landlord’s success will be dependent upon buying the right property in a desirable area. That’s where the expert advice Farrell Heyworth can provide comes in. It would be impossible to list here the best rental areas for the whole North West, that’s why it’s essential if you’re looking to buy a rental property you seek the advice of your local Farrell Heyworth branch. Not only do they know what’s for sale and at a price which has the best chance of giving you good returns, they know the rental market too. This means we can match a property to a bank of prospective tenants before you’ve even purchased it.
Purchasing the right property is just the first step in any ‘would be’ landlord’s journey. Once the property is yours you need to ensure that all services and appliances are repaired and maintained to the appropriate standard. Landlords have quite rigorous legal responsibilities towards their properties and tenants. We can help you to ensure your property complies with the law. It may sound daunting, but that’s why it pays to have an expert on your side and Farrell Heyworth are one of the most trusted estate management and acquisition agencies in the UK.
Once your property is ready for the market it’s time to find the right tenant. We understand that any time that your home sits empty is time that you’re losing possible rental revenue whilst still make mortgage repayments, so we’ve adapted a system that cross-references with all of our branches to quickly find you renters that may be interested in the property you’re offering.

At Farrell Heyworth, your property is like our own, and we do everything we can to place the perfect tenant with the perfect property. We consider income, area, and of course, the property owner while making all of the necessary connections.

With nationally recognised experts in property sales, lettings and mortgages, we at Farrell Heyworth are perfectly placed to help you make the best investment to make your money work hard for you. Buy-to-let is a complex investment so avoid any costly mistakes by consulting an expert guide today.

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