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We all want to feel safe when we close our front door, so here are a few inexpensive changes you can make to your property to keep it safe without it feeling like Fort Knox. 

Lock Your Doors and Close Windows When You Go Out

It may seem like an obvious point but most burglaries are carried out by opportunistic thieves who stumble upon a property with an open door or window. Don’t get caught out, especially in the warmer months.

Don’t Leave Keys on the Inside of the Lock

These can be easily retrieved, effectively leaving your door unlocked. Don’t leave keys under doormats in shoes near the door, in plant pots etc. etc. This won’t fool anyone who wants to gain entry to your house.

Edit your key ring

Don’t label your keys with your address or home/flat number. This could lead someone directly to your door.  Try to keep house keys and car keys separate too.

Keep your cash in the bank

Try not to have large amounts of cash in your home. If for any reason you did need to do this, try to keep a small amount in each room rather than all in one place.

Keep valuables away from windows.

Mobile phones, laptops and tablets are easy to carry and sell on for a good price. That makes them top of a burglar’s wish list. Don’t leave them in plain sight from your windows. In fact, blinds are a great way of keeping prying eyes from seeing what belongings you have in your property when you aren’t home. Why not consider registering those valuable items at www.immobilise.com if the worst did happen, the police can quickly check this system to ensure that stolen items are easily recovered by their rightful owners.

We understand how important your property is to you. Use these few simple ideas to help to keep it safe. To find more information about keeping your home and valuables safe go to www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/

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