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As Lancaster is one of the sites of the two original Farrell Heyworth branches it seemed only fitting to start our branch profiles here. This article will aim to give you some background to this diverse city and a glimpse behind the scenes of one of our busiest branches and the people who make everything happen.

About the city

Lancaster is undoubtedly an important historic city, its imposing castle has recently stepped down from its role of jail and looks set to become a major tourist attraction. We won’t dwell too much on the ins and outs of Lancaster’s well documented history here, save to say it really is a fascinating subject and an integral part of life in Lancaster today.

On a more contemporary note, Lancaster has, in recent years, sealed its position as one of the most important locations for further education in the country. Lancaster University now regularly features in the top 10 lists for Universities and the city’s second university The University of Cumbria is fast rising through the ranks.
If shopping is more your thing, Lancaster offers a range of High Street and independent shops to delight even the most discerning retail devotee. Add to that Lancaster’s full complement of diverse restaurants, lively pubs and bars, cinema and theatres and you have a city with a lot to offer visitors and residents alike.

Farrell Heyworth Lancaster

Farrell Heyworth’s Lancaster branch is, to recycle an overused phrase, a hive of activity. In the midst of all of this I was lucky enough to pin down branch Manager Darren Robinson and a few members of his hard working team to find out what they get up to on a daily basis.

Darren who has been manager of Lancaster branch for many years is keen to tell me just what his job means to him. “We provide a service that becomes necessary at a changing point in people’s lives. Perhaps it’s a young family who’ve just had a baby. It could be a young person entering the market for the first time or a bereaved relative selling a property following a family member’s death. Whatever the circumstances selling, buying or renting a property always signifies a change in someone’s life.”

It’s obvious that Darren is proud of the service that he and his team provide during these transitions.
“We work hard to ensure the best outcome for our clients and sometimes that means supporting them through a difficult time. We often have clients on the phone who just need to talk and whilst we’re always under pressure to get things done fast we do try to make some time for clients, to get to know them, their needs and expectations so that we can provide a really exceptional service. With a bit of counselling thrown in too.”
Other members of staff are keen to share funny stories about the lighter side of Estate Agency. Negotiator Michael Heyworth tells a great story about his very first viewing. Things were going swimmingly as he showed a prospective couple around a house, pausing to demonstrate the integrated fridge and causing a dozen eggs to crash onto the kitchen floor. “The clients were really good about it, they just laughed. And they later bought the house!” Michael said.

All members of staff I spoke to had a funny story to tell or a favourite property to tell me about and that gave me a real sense that the staff enjoy their job and know their clients well. Letting co-ordinator Eric Coates told me that the key to being a successful agent was getting to know your clients.

“I know what the client is looking for and I know the properties that will suit them. It’s no good looking at a paper application because that can’t tell you what that person is like.” Eric’s philosophy of dealing with people not just their credentials has allowed him to help many clients. He tells a great story about a prospective rental client looking to move to Lancaster from Colorado. The client is question was a university lecturer with a young family who was relocating to teach at Lancaster University.

“There should have been no reason why that family couldn’t rent a house in Lancaster, they were the perfect tenants. But other agents couldn’t find them a property because, at the time, they didn’t have UK bank accounts and couldn’t open them because they lived overseas. On paper they looked like a risk but because I’d taken the time to get to know them and their circumstances and as I have a good relationship with my landlords I was able to find them a great property in time for their move.”

There’s more choice than ever when you’re looking for someone to sell or let your property. The housing market is flooded with businesses offering to sell your house cheaper and faster than ever. But there really is something to be said for selling with an agent who takes the time to get to know about you and that personal touch is something that money can’t buy.

Have our Lancaster branch helped you to find/sell or let a property? Let us know what you thought in the comments. Think our our Lancaster branch could help you? Find out how here.

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