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Whether you’re looking to stay in your property and enjoy some refurbishments yourself or you want to put back the WOW factor for potential purchasers, fitting a new kitchen can be the answer. There are serious financial and logistical considerations to take into account before you start but if you make a clear plan and stay on top of the project a new kitchen can be a real investment in your property.

Be clear about the costs

Before you consider any major refurbishments you need to consider the costs .To get an estimate for how much your project will cost overall, work out your maximum budget and then deduct the following:

·         Kitchen units/kitchen fitter
·         Tiles/tiler
·         Decorating materials/decorator
·         Flooring/fitting
·         Electrician
·         Plumber
·         White goods – Fridge, washing machine, sink and taps etc.
·         New Cooker
·         New lighting
·         Any structural work e.g. extension

If you’re planning a kitchen upgrade for yourself and have sufficient funds now is the time to start planning. But, if you’re installing this kitchen for a purchaser ask yourself the following questions before you go any further.

Will the increase in the price of my property cover what I’m planning to spend on the kitchen?

Will the style of kitchen I am choosing appeal to as many people as possible?

Is this project the best use of my money?

If you answered no to any of those questions feel free to come into branch or leave a question here and we’ll offer our expert advice to help you make the right decision.

Choosing the kitchen itself

Visit lots of different kitchen retailers. This will give you a feel for the quality of the products on offer, the range of price and the kind of kitchens that are really popular (important for sellers). Once you know what design you want you’ll be in a good position to negotiate a price.

Find reliable local tradesmen

Ask friends for recommendations of the tradesmen you need to carry out the work. Generally speaking it’s best to go local a local person is likely to be cheaper as they don’t need to add travel to their bill. You’ll also have the security of knowing they’re only around the corner should anything go wrong. As with the kitchen itself it’s best to get a few quotes, the cheapest isn’t always the best here. If one contractor is significantly cheaper than the others you need to ask yourself, and them, why.

Become a project manager

We’ve all seen the television programme Grand Designs and if we’ve learnt anything it’s that the most successful projects have a good manager. You need to make sure all your tradesmen and materials are coming together at the right time. For instance, you don’t want your decorator to arrive before the cupboards are fitted. If you aren’t sure about the timings ask your tradesmen themselves. It’s just as important to them that they finish your job on time so that they can move on to the next.

You’ll also need to factor in that you won’t have a functional kitchen for at least a day or two, perhaps more whilst the work is carried out. If moving out is an option, think about how you plan to let tradesmen into your house and if you feel happy to let them get on with the job in your absence. If you can’t move out perhaps you could relocate your microwave for the duration or strike up a new relationship with your local takeaway.

Once the job is done.

A good tradesman will always try to leave the job tidy when it’s finished. It will probably need a quick clean round by you for hygiene purposes but you shouldn’t have to dispose of any debris or packaging and there certainly shouldn’t be any tools left behind. If you’ve upgraded for yourself, now is the time to start enjoying the fruits of your labours and if you’re selling call your local Farrell Heyworth branch ASAP so we can take some great internal shots of your brand new kitchen in all its glory.

Got any other tips for planning a kitchen refit? Leave them in the comments.

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