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It seems that what families are looking for to make them happy is relatively simple to achieve. If you can boast of a netflicks account, stack of board games and a take-away night every few weeks you’re not far off having some of the key elements of the perfect lifestyle a new study undertaken by Origin-Global has shown. The study showed that families rated the following aspects of a property highly when thinking about their happiness. We’ve thought of ways you can highlight these things in your property, to showcase it as the perfect happy family home.

All eating together
Have you got a clear dining space in your home? Family buyers want to know that they can all sit around the table and enjoy a meal together at least 4 times a week according to the study. We know that a dining table often doubles as many other things, desk, painting station etc. Try to keep the space clear for viewings so that it’s easy for viewers to imagine themselves tucking into a Sunday Roast in the space.

Keeping the home tidy

We addressed this point in one of our last blog posts but it is really important. Show your potential buyer that you’re offering the lifestyle they want, which is a clean, tidy and easily maintained home.

Feeling safe and secure

We now offer clients the chance to comment about their property in their property brochure. If you feel safe walking down your street at night and you and the neighbours always look out for each other, tell us about it.

A big garden

We can’t suggest a magical way to make your garden physically bigger, sorry! But there are ways to give the impression of space in a garden. Ensure gardening equipment, unused furniture and toys are stored away. Try to keep the lawn as tidy as possible and give any overhanging plants a trim.

A large kitchen

Again, we can’t change the physical size of your kitchen, but you can create the illusion of space by storing away kitchen gadgets and making sure the washing up is done. At this time of year, clichéd as it may be, a cheap bunch of daffodils really does make a space look really inviting.

A lock on the bathroom door

It seems obvious but if you don’t have children it might not ever have seemed necessary to have a lock on the bathroom. And if you do have children you already know. They. Will. Find. You.

Well-lit rooms

If your house is being viewed in the evening, consider going round the house beforehand switching on strategic lights. A gently lit living space is very inviting so invest in a cheap lamp, if you don’t already have one, to cast a subtle glow.
All of these things are simple and cheap to achieve in your own home. And whether you put them in place for yourself or to convince another family that your home is right for them the outcome of these changes can only be positive.
Got any other ideas for easy, affordable changes that have made your home happier. Let us know in the comments!

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