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Farrell Heyworth have grown to be one of the largest independent estate agency groups in the North West.

Property remains at a premium regardless of other economic factors, which is why Farrell Heyworth has become arguably the most well-known estate agent in the North West. With proficiency in selling, buying, letting, and renting, Farrell Heyworth is able to help anyone with any property related question.
The North West property market is where we made our mark, focusing on a “clients first” attitude that earned us the Homesale Network award for the “Best Independent Estate Agency” in the country. Farrell Heyworth’s expertise is derived from our experienced property teams covering Lancashire, Liverpool, and other surrounding areas. With more than 4,000 properties available at any given time, the company has earned the trust of the industry.
We advise anyone with residential property to have your estate appraised on a regular basis, as variations in the local market can present prime selling or purchasing opportunities. These appraisals will give any owner a better idea of where they stand in terms of value and of course, market viability. 
Selling property can be a hassle if experts aren’t utilised to their full potential. Having our team in your corner will take quite a bit of stress out of selling. With Farrell Heyworth’s knowledge regarding valuations and surveys, mortgages and conveyancing, selling, renting and auctioning property, there will be no question regarding where your property sits in terms of value while on the market.
Regardless of your estate needs, Farrell Heyworth can help. With experts in every field of property handling, they will be the last estate agent you need hire, guaranteed. Getting the proper valuation or appraisal for your property can be the difference between moving it quickly on the market and watching it sit. Remember, when a property sits on the market for an extended period of time, the seller loses negotiating power. Buyers can see that it isn’t selling, therefore can use this as leverage to get it at a lower rate.
The Homesale Network is the United Kingdom’s top estate agency network with 750 branches, and with Farrell Heyworth having 17 offices in the network’s “preferred list”, there’s every confidence that we will sell your property with professionalism and great care. 
If you have tried other agents in the past, it’s time to bring in an estate agent that has received accolades for professionalism and quality of service. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent or auction your property, Farrell Heyworth can help. Our track record speaks for itself, and when the transactions are concluded, you’ll be glad that you sought out the experts. This is why Farrell Heyworth has become a valued member of the community for over 20 years. You can search our properties using the search tool above.
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