Interior design trends that might help sell your home in 2023

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December 22, 2022

If you’re thinking of selling your home in 2023, now would be a good time to think about giving it a bit of a make-over. After all, when the viewings begin, you’ll want it to look clean, fresh and fashionable!

Most experts believe that when you sell a home, you are also selling a lifestyle. And if your home is ‘on trend’ you might just improve your chances of a quick sale at the best possible price.

But what will be in Vogue next year on the interior design front?

With more of us fearing for the future of the planet, a delicate green is still at the top of the colour charts with saturated blue also being predicted to be popular, according to Interiors specialists, Hovia.

And continuing the natural theme, terracotta, rust and other earthy tones are expected to make more appearances as pairing colours next year.


Listening corner

It’s no surprise that many design experts are forecasting a surge towards the ‘warm and cosy’ look.

Soaring fuel bills have made us all long for comfort in our own space and this reflected in people’s choices of colours for fittings where gold has overtaken the colder silvery shades of stainless steel and nickel.

The growing popularity of vinyl records has sparked some interior design experts to predict an increasing number of dedicated music rooms next year. And while not every home is large enough to allow for such luxury, most, according to Good Housekeeping, might be in a position to create a ‘listening corner’ where we can relax and listen to our favourite sounds and drift away.

Restful haven

And while we’re relaxing to the soothing strains of our favourite artistes, we might consider more ways to bring the outside indoors – because that trend is predicted to continue through next year and beyond with indoor gardens, interior window displays and planters. House plants have been big business on Instagram this year, and according to, Watermelon Peperomia and Gold Pothos are among the species ready for take-off (or should that be, ‘rake-off?).

Straight edges and perfectly angled geometrical shapes are expected to wane in popularity to be replaced by soft and gentle curves. So, a curved sofa or coffee table might be just the thing to round off the new look living space.


And finally, bedrooms are set to become sanctuaries. According to Woman and Home, the consistent prediction across the board is that people will be intent on creating a restful haven and a space for relaxation and thoughtful moments rather than simply a good night’s kip.

There is a common theme in all these predictions, and they seem to reflect what we are all looking for next year: to be warm and cosy and feel closer to Mother Nature. And we can all have designs on that.

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