Top Ten Outstanding Lancashire Schools: Ofsted 2023 Ratings

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October 20, 2023

Lancashire has a remarkable selection of outstanding secondary schools, each with unique strengths and qualities. Here, we present an overview of ten of these exceptional institutions, offering insight into their educational philosophies and accomplishments.

Broadfield Specialist School

  • Location: Burnley, BB11 5BT
  • State: Age 11-19
  • Description: Broadfield Specialist School is a shining example of an outstanding secondary school in the North West. The school boasts a robust leadership team and a dedicated teaching staff, creating an environment where students aged 11-19 receive exceptional education and support. Broadfield Specialist School provides a stimulating and joyful learning environment, equipping students with essential skills for their future success.

Bleasdale School

  • Location: Silverdale, Lancaster, LA5 0RG
  • State: Age 2-19
  • Description: Bleasdale School stands out as an outstanding all-through co-ed boarding school in Silverdale, Lancaster. With an impressive student-teacher ratio 4:1, the school offers high-quality education tailored to students aged 2 to 19 with severe and profound learning difficulties. Led by Mr Sefton Booth, the school is recognised for its exceptional teaching, learning, and assessment methods, ensuring that each student's unique needs are met. Outstanding achievements, a commitment to safety, and a focus on collaborative efforts make Bleasdale School a haven where students thrive academically and personally.

Penwortham Girls' High School

  • Location: Penwortham, South Ribble, PR1 0SR
  • State: Age 11-16
  • Description: Penwortham Girls' High School is an outstanding all-girls secondary school in Lancashire. With its student-teacher ratio 17:1, the school creates a nurturing and supportive environment where girls excel academically and personally. With a rich history of academic achievement, including 69% of students achieving Grade 5 or above in English and Maths GCSEs, the school's leadership, teaching quality, and exceptional progress rate make it the ideal choice for parents seeking top-quality education for their daughters.

Park Community Academy

  • Location: Blackpool, FY3 9HF
  • State: Age 2-19
  • Description: Park Community Academy is an outstanding all-through school in Blackpool, renowned for its visionary leadership and continuous improvement. The school excels in providing personalised support tailored to individual students. The environment is characterised by happiness, life affirmation, and impeccable student behaviour, underpinned by a deep respect for one another. Offering a well-rounded curriculum with enrichment opportunities, Park Community Academy prioritises safeguarding. It delivers excellent education throughout the sixth form.

Preston Muslim Girls High School

  • Location: Preston, PR1 5BY
  • State: Age 11-16
  • Description: Preston Muslim Girls High School is an outstanding secondary school in Preston, North West. With a student-to-teacher ratio 16:1 and a strong emphasis on academic achievement, the school offers a world-class educational experience for girls aged 11-16. The school's outstanding Ofsted rating reflects the commitment to personal development, welfare, and safeguarding. With high expectations for students and a nurturing learning environment, PMGHS prepares its students for future success in their education and beyond.

Balshaw's Church of England High School

  • Location: South Ribble, PR25 3AH
  • State: Age 11-16
  • Description: Balshaw's Church of England High School, situated in South Ribble, is an outstanding secondary school celebrated for its exceptional leadership, safety, and supportive environment. The school consistently delivers high-quality teaching, fostering academic and personal growth among its students. A rich and diverse curriculum caters to all students with a proven track record of outstanding progress. Balshaw's commitment to achievement, safety, and community makes it a premier choice for parents seeking an exceptional education for their children.

Pleckgate High School

  • Location: Blackburn with Darwen, BB1 8QA
  • State: Age 11-16
  • Description: Pleckgate High School, located in Blackburn with Darwen, offers excellent education and high-quality teaching with a student-teacher ratio 17:1. The school provides a positive and secure environment, supporting all students, including those with special educational needs and disadvantaged backgrounds. Dedicated staff actively promote physical and emotional well-being, ensuring students' success across various subjects. With a strong focus on personal development, behaviour, and welfare, Pleckgate High School fosters self-confidence and diligence in every student.

All Hallows Catholic High School

  • Location: Penwortham, South Ribble, PR1 0LN
  • State: Age 11-16
  • Description: All Hallows Catholic High School, situated in Penwortham, stands as an outstanding secondary school in North West Lancashire. With a student-teacher ratio 16:1, the school provides exceptional education and support, resulting in outstanding academic achievements. Known for its high standards, expert teaching, and inclusive environment, All Hallows ensures that every student feels valued and prepared for their future. This is reflected in the 'Outstanding' ratings in all areas by OFSTED.

Tauheedul Islam Boys' High School

  • Location: Blackburn with Darwen, BB2 2LD
  • State: Age 11-18
  • Description: Tauheedul Islam Boys' High School is an outstanding secondary school in Blackburn, North West. With its student-teacher ratio 16:1, the school guarantees individual attention and exceptional progress for its all-boys Muslim student body. A strong focus on leadership, academic achievement, and character development is evident in its outstanding Ofsted report and impressive exam results, with 67% of students achieving Grade 5 or above in English and maths GCSEs.

Eden Boys' School, Preston

  • Location: Preston, PR1 4BD
  • State: Age 11-18
  • Description: Eden Boys' School, Preston, is an outstanding secondary school characterised by a strong moral purpose and high expectations for its students. With a curriculum promoting exceptional progress and a safe and joyful environment, pupils thrive here. The dedicated teaching staff and effective safeguarding procedures make students confident and resilient learners. With impressive exam results and a focus on personal development, this school offers outstanding education tailored to boys.

These outstanding secondary schools in Lancashire consistently deliver exceptional education, prioritise personal development, and provide safe and nurturing environments for their students. Parents can confidently choose these institutions, knowing their children will receive top-quality education and support to thrive academically and personally.

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