The top interior trends for sellers this autumn - here's what you need to know

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October 10, 2022

Autumn is that time of the year where fallen leaves are littered across the landscapes in shades of red and gold. For many of us, this transition also presents a chance for a new start.

Now might be the perfect opportunity to put your home on the market as many look to move before the cold winter months sets in and before Christmas gets into full swing, so you could find your chances of selling are improved.


If you are planning on putting your home up for sale, you might want to make some interior changes to spruce up the place for viewings.

But what are the top interior design trends this autumn, which could you to sell your home sooner than you think.

Fortunately, there are a few popular autumn interior trends circulating at present, and below we’ll take a closer look at what you need to know.

Earthy tones

Autumnal mainstays for 2022 are colours like burnt orange, ochre, sage and russet, with their warm natural hues that reflect the surrounding world, which is an ideal interior trend to incorporate into your home at this time of year if you are selling.

Prospective buyers will experience these colours as calming and pleasing to the eye, which will help establish the sense of cosiness and comfort within your home. Cultivating this look throughout your spaces will also leave the lasting impression that you’ve cared for the home and that future homeowners will have a tranquil, sustainable home to move into, once bought.

Natural furnishings

Speaking of embracing the natural, furnishings linked to organic forms in your interior design can also make for a great addition to your spaces. Opting for wooden tables and timber benches over plastic and glass furnishing will show your prospective buyers that they will have a home that promotes sustainability and wellness.

This also encourages the feelings of reconnecting with our home environment which in turn will allow future homeowners to relax and regenerate over the winter period.  

Autumnal wreaths

Each season brings with it certain specific elements that can add so much to our spaces. If you’d really like to make a quality impression on those who come to view your home, then wreaths are a quick and simplistic way to add some autumnal cheer.

You can do this by interweaving pinecones with conkers and dried foliage for a seasonal welcome as prospective buyers step foot through your doors. 

Declutter and amplify ambience

To make sure that your viewings leave the right impression, it is recommended that you declutter your spaces and add a few extra calming elements such as candles, cushions, and blankets.

This will create a warm atmosphere within your home and act as convincing features that might just win your prospective buyers over. 

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