What Makes a Good Tenant? A Guide for Landlords

September 15, 2023

Finding the right tenant can make the difference between a straightforward, stress-free tenancy and one filled with challenges and complications. A good tenant looks after your property and ensures timely payments, fostering a solid and trustworthy relationship. Here's a guide on what makes a good tenant and how landlords can attract and retain them.

Character and Reliability

A good tenant is someone of sound character. This means they're trustworthy, honest, and reliable. They pay their rent on time and honour their commitments.

Clear Communication

A tenant who communicates openly about any concerns, repairs, or changes to their situation can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes down the road.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

A good tenant treats the rented property as their own. They keep it clean, report necessary repairs promptly, and maintain the garden or outdoor space if applicable.

Financial Stability

Ensuring a tenant has a stable income and can comfortably afford the rent reduces the risk of missed payments or arrears.

Good References

Previous landlords or employers can provide valuable insights into a tenant's character and reliability. A history of positive references can be reassuring.

Understanding of Tenancy Agreement

Tenants who take the time to understand the terms and conditions of their tenancy agreement are less likely to breach them inadvertently.

Long-Term Intentions

While not essential, tenants who intend to stay long-term can provide stability, reducing the turnover and associated costs.

No Unwanted Surprises

A good tenant is upfront about any potential challenges, whether it's a pet they'd like to bring or a change in their employment status.

Respect for Neighbours

A tenant who maintains a cordial relationship with neighbours and respects community norms ensures a harmonious living environment.

Adherence to Rules and Policies

Whether it's no smoking inside the property or using shared amenities responsibly, a good tenant respects and adheres to established rules.

Keeping the Relationship Flourishing: Tips for Landlords

Once you've found a commendable tenant, nurturing this relationship is essential to ensure a long and beneficial partnership.

  • Maintain Open Communication: Always be available for any concerns or questions your tenant might have. Regular check-ins, without being intrusive, can help build trust.
  • Address Maintenance Issues Promptly: Respond swiftly to repair requests or concerns. It shows you care about the tenant's well-being and the property's condition.
  • Be Transparent: Whether it's about potential rent increases or changes to the property, upfront keeping the tenant informed and feeling respected.
  • Review Lease Terms: As renewals approach, discuss any desired changes with the tenant and ensure that both parties are content with the terms.
  • Respect Their Privacy: While the property is yours, it's their home. Always provide adequate notice before visits and avoid unnecessary intrusions.

A good tenant is a precious asset to any landlord. By understanding the qualities that define an excellent tenant and implementing strategies to maintain a strong relationship, landlords can ensure a successful and mutually beneficial tenancy.

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